Welcome in floating CTM 2 in this map you have to complete the monument with all the requirement blocks that are wool, terracotta, concrete powder and concrete.


You cam find all there blocks in the chests of everty islands and to reach them you have to use elytra that you can obtain from the base island. In every island there are also some shulker boxes with some enchant items that could help you to kill all the monsters which will attack you in the islands, not all the islands have mobs some are puzzle or labyrinth, sometimes to complete an island you have to die.

When you spawn you have to select the language of rules italian or english, than you can start a little tutorial so you’ll know the base of every island that assemble the base island. There are the rules island, the elytra one, the monument and the checkpoint (they could not work cause of render distance, i’m trying to find a solution.
To reach this base island you have simply to walk on colored block and you’ll be teleport. In the monument you can also place 5 special block in the monument which provied you special items or set of items.
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