Music+ changes how the in-game music plays to improve the experience. The pack is great for people who enjoy listening to the calming tunes by C418.

The pack requires you to download the default music from the Marketplace. It’s completely free.

Universal Features apply regardless of the setting you choose unless specified otherwise. These changes are:

  • Music will play constantly with no silent periods
  • Shuniji, Dragon Fish, and Axolotl from Java Edition have been added
  • Creative, Survival, Menu, and Water music plays interchangeably
  • End and Boss play interchangeably
  • Dog plays after the Cat music disc (Easter egg from Console Edition)
  • All songs play at 0.5 volume
  • Music disc music will still play from the jukebox regardless of setting chosen below

Pack options can be chosen by selecting the pack, pressing the wrenches, and dragging the slider. The different options are:

  • Default – This is the normal setting for the pack with all the features listed above.
  • No Water Music – This is the exact same as Default, but without Shuniji, Dragon Fish, or Axolotl.
  • Old Music – This uses the music from before the 2013 Music Update. It doesn’t use Creative, Water, Nether, End, Credits, or Menu music.
  • Old Music+ – This is almost the same as Old Music, the difference being that it still uses Nether, End, and Credits music.
  • Total Mix – This lets any music, including Credits, Music Disc, End, Boss, Nether, Water, Menu, Survival, and Creative play at any time.